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Being charged with DUI can be stressful and downright scary, especially when you've never been in trouble before. If you've been charged with drunk driving, you need serious legal representation. Call us for a free strategy session with a top Tucson DUI attorney.

If you have been charged with a crime, you probably have a lot on the line. Whether it's domestic violence, a sex offense, or a drug crime, you need help. You need a top Tucson criminal defense attorney at your side.

Sustaining a serious injury as a result of someone else’s careless or reckless behavior is a frustrating experience that can cause both physical and emotional distress. A Tucson injury attorney can help.


Statute in front of highest federal court, where sentencing goes by federal statutes and the US sentencing guidelines and is much different than sentencing in Arizona state courts

Federal Sentencing Explained

Criminal defendants don’t always have a good defense.  In these cases, and even in some cases where there is a viable defense, defendants often decide to enter into a plea agreement with the government in order to get a better sentence than they would if they went to trial and lost.  In federal court, especially,…

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Hunter in Tucson had gun rights restored after domestic violence conviction

Domestic Violence And The Second Amendment

Most people understand that you lose your civil rights once you become a convicted felon.  These rights include the right to vote (although the U.S. Attorney General recently opined that this should be reconsidered), the right to serve as a juror, and the right to bear arms.   Most people do not know that a misdemeanor…

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Recognize DUI scams in Tucson AZ by talking to a Tucson DUI lawyer about any suspicious mailings

Beware of Arizona DUI Scams

When someone is arrested and charged with a crime, it all becomes part of the public record. This is like blood in the water for the sharks out there trying to make a buck off of people’s misfortune. There are websites seeking to capitalize by posting booking photos online and making people pay for their…

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Free Case Evaluation

Our Tucson attorneys will evaluate your case over the phone or in person at no charge. Call us today at (520) 314-4125.

Hiring a Tucson Attorney

Hiring a Tucson attorney to help you with a serious legal problem is not the same as buying a car or some other item. It’s not simply a matter of finding the lowest priced option. If you’ve been charged with a crime, have been injured in an accident, or are facing a divorce, you have a lot at stake. These kinds of things can change your life.

You probably feel a lot of pressure to get help fast. Attorneys who use high-pressure sales tactics and make false promises take advantage of that. It’s important to slow down and do some research before making any decisions about who will represent you in what may be one of the most critical times of your life.

Fortunately, researching attorneys today is a lot easier than it was only a few years ago. It should be relatively simple to find lawyers online by simply searching for “Tucson attorney” or searching for the specific problem you’re dealing with. For instance, you can find a lot of information about many types of cases just by browsing through this website. You can also google an attorney’s name to find out more about their history and qualifications.

You should not only check an attorney’s background and qualifications, but also look see if they are transparent with important information like the results they’ve achieved. It’s also important to see what past clients have said about an attorney. Is this someone who is accessible, works hard, and cares about their clients?

Talk to at least two or three qualified attorneys to see who you are most comfortable dealing with. Make sure you get to talk to the actual attorney, not just a secretary or paralegal. If an attorney won't even speak with you personally to discuss your case at the outset, it's unlikely that attorney will be spending much time on your case thereafter. It's also important to establish that the attorney you speak with will be the one handling your case, rather than farming it out to an associate.

Not all Tucson attorneys are the same, but with a little effort you can make sure you hire a good one.



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Criminal Defense

Personal Injury

When you need legal representation and are looking for an attorney in Tucson, give us a call. We are local attorneys who grew up in Tucson and have many years of experience in the local courts. All of our lawyers are former prosecutors with plenty of experience in the courtroom. We handle cases in courts throughout Pima County and Southern Arizona.

We also offer free confidential consultations, so you have nothing to lose. If we can't help you, we'll do our best to refer you to someone who can. If you decide to hire us to represent you, we will complete a written represent agreement and then get to work on your case.

After I was charged with a DUI I was nervous  because the outcome could effect many areas of my life. I was determined to fight. After interviewing several attorneys, I hired Nathan Leonardo. He was willing to fight in court, not just except a check and a plea deal. Every legal matter was was taken care of from that day forward. I was  notified and kept informed on all matters moving forward. I was not at all nervous anymore. My outcome was the best possible, the charges were dismissed. Thank you again not just for the final outcome but for the way you handled all matters related to the process.


I came to Nathan feeling very anxious and scared with no idea what to expect.  I was met with respect and compassion.  Nathan was very professional in handling my case and was helpful and knowledgeable.  He communicated with me to keep me informed of the status of my case and spoke to me using words I could understand and not just legal jargon.  He actively worked on my case to defend me and guided me along the entire process.  I feel fortunate to have benefited from such an incredibly talented advocate.  Because of him and his perseverance, I was cleared of my charges and was able to return to my life feeling relieved and grateful.  Nathan is absolutely an incredible lawyer and without hesitation I would recommend him to anyone needing legal representation.


Nathan Leonardo provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all details of my case. Mr. Leonardo was always helpful and responsive to all my questions and concerns. Very responsible, knowledgeable and honest. Handled my DV case very well obtaining favorable results at the end! I highly recommended Nathan and definitely will hire him again to represent me on any legal issue.


I was referred to Nathan by another attorney from Bangkok. I had an old case I didn't know existed and it was holding up my fiancee visa. Very frustrating experience . I told him my troubles and he told me the facts. No BS. I hoped to get it resolved in 6 months and he made the whole thing disappear in less than 3 months! My family will forever be grateful for the sincere interest he had in helping and getting it done as fast as he could. He is easy to reach and very responsive. He doesn't try to rush off phone and actually listens too. In my experience with lawyers they are aren’t always the best at listening. He uses a software portal that's promptly updated so at any point you can print out a document or see up coming court dates. He's the real deal. For the money you CAN NOT get any better. 


Nathan was very professional and understanding from the first time I spoke with him. He was not pushy at all, he allowed me to make my own decisions based on the information he gave me. He was extremely knowledgeable about the situation and fought for what was best for me. He didn't give up when things didn't go our way, he then was aggressive to the point that all charges were dismissed. I highly recommend Nathan.