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Many people mistakenly believe that there is no way to fight DUI charges when a blood or breath test shows that they are above the legal limit or a police officer testifies that they appeared intoxicated and failed various field sobriety tests.  However, DUI investigations are often done improperly and the science behind all of these tests is far from infallible.  There are many ways to challenge blood or breath test results.  Blood samples are often taken by police officers at the scene under less than ideal conditions.  They are then tested by overburdened crime labs that do not always use or adhere to ideal protocols.  Expert review of these blood tests often reveals errors or the presence of contaminants that call the results into question.

Breath tests are generally less accurate than blood tests.  Many times they are conducted improperly.  Moreover, breath test results can be affected by a variety of factors and can show a person’s blood alcohol concentration (“BAC”) to be much higher than it actually is.

There are also many issues with the “science” behind field sobriety tests.  There are usually even more issues with the way police officers administer these tests in the field.  It is important that you consult an experienced DUI lawyer who understands the science behind DUI investigations and the issues that can arise.  This can substantially increase your chance of attaining a favorable outcome in your DUI case.  Call us for a free case assessment at (520) 314-4125 or contact us online.

We hope this site, which contains an abundance of Arizona DUI information, can be used as a resource for those unfortunate enough to be facing DUI charges in Tucson and throughout Arizona.  There are various issues that arise when defending against Arizona DUI charges:  Was there a traffic stop and was it reasonable; Was the DUI investigation, including the field sobriety tests, conducted properly; Were any statements made and, if so, were they voluntary and in compliance with Miranda v. Arizona; Did the police have probable cause to make an arrest; Did the police properly advise you regarding a chemical test; Did the police properly administer the chemical test; Was the breath, blood, or urine tested properly and accurately; Were you properly served with a suspension of your driver’s license….  These are just a few of the potential issues in a DUI case, but there are many more.

A good Tucson DUI lawyer will examine all of these things and challenge the State’s evidence from every angle possible.  The consequences of a DUI conviction can be life-changing, so it is imperative that you do everything you can to defense yourself.  If you read through the pages on this site, we hope that you will come away with a better understanding of your predicament and how an experienced DUI attorney can help you.  Here are links to some of the information we think you should know about DUI in Arizona.  If you can’t find the answer your looking for, feel free to contact us with your question.

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  This information is provided as a educational resource and can give you a general idea of what you might be facing if charged with a DUI.  However, you should consult an experienced DUI defense lawyer for a more accurate projection of what your sentence may be if you are convicted.


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