Doctors Charged with DUI

Tucson AZ MD medical License and DUI arrest or conviction can be a problem in court

One of the many possible “collateral consequences” of a DUI charge in Arizona is its effect on employment. For Arizona doctors, who must be licensed by the Arizona Medical Board, a DUI charge can be particularly troublesome.

Arizona Medical Board

In Arizona, doctors charged with DUI will not only have to deal with the court, but will have to answer to the Arizona Medical Board. A doctor is required to notify the Board within 10 days of being charged with a DUI. Keep in mind, this notice is required after simply being charged -- not convicted.

The Board will conduct its own investigation and may or may not conclude that disciplinary action is necessary. A wide range of disciplinary action is available, including a letter of reprimand, a decree of censure, probationary status, retraining, suspension, or even revocation. If your DUI charge is dropped or you are found not guilty, it can only help you situation with the Board.

Of course, a DUI is also problematic for medical students who aspire to practice medicine. The application for licensure asks about any felony convictions (which would include Aggravated DUI) and any violation of state or federal drug laws (which includes drug-related DUI charges). It also asks about any drug or alcohol treatment within the last five years. If you are convicted of any DUI, Arizona law requires alcohol and/or drug treatment. Obviously, any of this could cause problems with licensure. If you are granted a license, it may be restricted in a way that limits your ability to practice.

Other Consequences

Aside from the problems a DUI charge can have on your professional license, a DUI conviction will require a suspension of your driver’s license. This can make it difficult to get to the office, especially with the unusual hours that many doctors work. Obviously, a conviction can also damage your reputation. If you are in private practice, a conviction can hurt business. In this day and age, anyone can do a little research online and find out about your criminal history.

A doctor or medical student who has years of sweat equity and a tremendous amount of capital invested in their career cannot take a DUI charge lightly. If you have been charged with a DUI, it’s a problem that must be addressed in the best way possible to minimize its consequences on you and your livelihood. With so much to lose, any thing you can do to avoid a criminal record is worth trying. Consulting an experienced DUI attorney is the first step.

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