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If Your Car Was Impounded After A DUI…

Car towed for police impound

If your car was impounded by the police, you’re probably trying to figure out how to get your car out of impound as soon as possible. One of the many inconvenient things about being charged with driving under the influence in Arizona is that police can impound your car. In other words, they can have…

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What Happens To Your Driver’s License If You Are Charged With DUI?

DUI in Tucson Arizona usually means a suspended license

One thing that people sometimes overlook when dealing with a DUI case is the effect of the DUI charge on their driver’s license. ┬áSo what happens to your driver’s license if you are charged with DUI? ┬áThere are two types of license suspension that can occur in an Arizona DUI case: (1) an Admin-Per-Se suspension…

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