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Reasonable Fees

Reasonable Fees

At Leonardo Law Offices, we believe that every person accused of a crime should have quality legal representation. We keep our fees reasonable so that our services are accessible, particularly in cases where the charges are clearly unjust. We will occasionally allow clients to make payments if necessary.

We are a relatively small operation and we try to keep our overhead low so that we do not need to charge excessive fees or take a high volume of cases. We don’t do a lot of advertising, but operate primarily on word of mouth and referrals. You’ll find that, while our fees are reasonable, high quality legal representation does not come cheap. We still have to charge fees that allow us to keep our case load relatively small and manageable in order to provide a high level of service on the cases we choose to take on.

To see if you are a fit for our firm, we offer free case assessments. You can call us at 520.314.4125 or . We will discuss your case with you, answer ancontact us onliney questions you have, and determine whether we can help you. If so, we will quote a reasonable fee. There is no obligation and, if nothing else, you will be left with a better understanding of your situation.

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