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Nathan D. Leonardo

DUI charges can have a number of consequences in addition to those contained in a sentence upon conviction. Simply being charged with DUI in Arizona can have a devastating effect on your driver’s license. A conviction can cause you insurance rates to sky rocket and can affect employment.

At Leonardo Law Offices, we take a comprehensive approach to DUI cases.  We are a results-oriented law firm, and getting the best results includes dealing with any negative consequences our client may face.  We attack a DUI case from every angle, but we also do our best to minimize the impact of a DUI on a client’s life. That's why we have so many satisfied clients. When we are retained in a DUI case, our services include representation in front of the MVD to challenge any license suspension.

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"Nathan Leonardo represented me throughout my DUI experience including trial. I could not have hired a better attorney! His fees were reasonable and he advised me about the process from beginning to end. Having never had any legal issues in the past, this was a traumatic experience for me. Being a healthcare professional, I was worried about the impact on my license and future career. Mr. Leonardo walked me through all the steps and utilized a case portal so I had access to all documentation and could follow along with progress made during the case. During trial, Mr. Leonardo's aggressive representation was sufficient to prove my innocence! After a year-long ordeal of hearings, the case was dismissed. I cannot thank him enough!!!"

- N.H.