Child Custody

Tucson Child Custody Lawyer

Child Custody (Parenting Time & Legal Decision Making) in Arizona

One of the most important issues to people who have children, whether they're getting divorced or just have children together, is being able to continue parenting their children. This is commonly referred to as child custody or visitation. In Arizona, it's now called parenting time and legal decision-making. Parenting time is how much time each parent gets to spend with their child. The courts are primarily concerned about the best interest of the child when deciding parenting time. It generally considered to be in the child's best interest to have regular contact with both of the child's parents, but there are a number of factors that can change this or result in unequal parenting time. Legal decision-making is the ability of a parent to make decisions for the child regarding things like health care, religion, and education.

These can be contentious and emotionally charged issues, so having the right attorney on your side is a big advantage.

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