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Family relationships are an important part of the fabric of our society, yet they are also the source of many serious problems. Conflict within families is usually messy and emotional. Family strife can result in a lifetime of misery, which isn't good for anyone. No one should have to live in misery or endless conflict.

The laws of the State of Arizona provide a way to resolve many of the disputes that arise among family members. Many people are understandably hesitant to involve Arizona courts in their personal relationships, but legal action is often better than taking no action at all. Sometimes it takes rules imposed by a judge to provide the clarity and structure that keeps families functional.

If you are involved in a relationship that just isn't working, you're probably overwhelmed by emotion. You might be able to handle some family law matters yourself, but it's always better to have counsel who views things more objectively, knows the law, and knows how the system works. It may also be easier to deal with your partner or other family member indirectly through an attorney, thereby avoiding the escalation of an already emotional situation.

Whether you are about to get married and are considering a pre-nuptial agreement, are looking into getting divorced, or are simply seeking changes to parenting time or support orders, it is wise to seek legal guidance. These are important decisions and they need to be dealt with correctly.

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